About Us

Welcome to Local Services Helpline, an innovative brand that connects people to the best local home services and home improvement providers in USA and Canada.
Often, visitors find it challenging to get professional help for their facility or residence. Everyone deserves a great home. Knowing you have a blissful place to call home keeps you going. Thus, we have provided answers to this problem by doing all the homework for you.
This would not be possible without our experienced professionals who are committed to providing superior services to you.

Our Story

Local Services Helpline is a small Local home service network in North America. We noticed a downward trend in the quality of home improvement and repair services that people were getting locally. Our concern reached its limit when some of the team members encountered difficulties while renovating or servicing their homes.

In response to this, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create an innovative platform that would work with only the most trusted and reliable home servicing companies. Today, we have fully covered two of the biggest countries in the world, the USA and Canada, and we are still expanding.

Let’s Make Your Home Paradise

Imagine the beauty of a home where everything is fully functional. The peace and joy that come with a beautiful home is invaluable to your health and happiness.

You can rejuvenate those abandoned projects with Local Services Helpline. Do not hesitate to use our website for any home repair or home improvement services needs. We’ve got you covered. Don’tforget to join us on social media to be the first to know about our latest services and milestones. Get in touch with our trusted recommended professionals now!




Our Values & Vision

What We Do

We connect people all over Canada and the United States to the right kind of home services that they need. We also research for visitors and give expert recommendations on any of these home services. Thus, we can save customers time, energy, and resources.

Water damage restoration related projects, fire damage restorationhome security, HVAC, roofing, remodeling, excavation, pest control, lawn care services, drywall contractors, arborist, window repair, mold removal, carpet services, and much more! Local Services Helpline has built a huge network with service providers in all these areas. Therefore, you can now hire and work with the best professionals in Local home services and home improvements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create home opportunities and solutions so that people can live better lives anywhere they are.

We want to keep empowering people with the right information and network to simple, effective, and yet affordable home services in their locality.

Why are we better than our competitors?

The reason is simple. Our values make us better than our competitors. Here is why:

  • We put our clients first. Rather than being out there to take advantage of people, we consider their needs.
  • We inspire quality. Having primed our customers and connected them with the best professionals, one thing is sure, and that is quality.
  • We provide timely regular updates, suggestions, and feedback on any local home service project.

Suggestions or Inquires?

For suggestions and services not included in our list, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you find solutions to your problems in no time.