What Do You Need To Know About an Arborist?

Trees are all over the place. They also give a lot of benefits to people. Trees can prevent soil erosion and keep cities and streets cool. What’s more, they offer food, provide shade, and give off oxygen. However, just like animals and people, trees also need nutrients and proper care so that they will become healthy.

While it is true that trees offer a lot of benefits, but they can also cause damage most especially if they’re left untouched. Tress may overgrow the homes of homeowners and on power lines which is very dangerous. Also, during severe weather conditions, trees could be damaged which may result in harmful collapses and power outages. This is where an arborist comes into play. If it’s your first time to hear this term? If so, then read on.

In this article, we will show you almost everything that you need to know about an arborist.

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What is an Arborist?

Also known as arboriculturists, arborists are professionals who have knowledge and experience to maintain trees and plants and provide many tree services such as stump removal. They are also capable of solving both major and minor problems such as disease, plant structure, and nutritional issues.

An arborist, on the other hand, can quickly distinguish the presence of damage and decay by examining the color and the texture of the tree. But aside from there are other key points that these professionals are using when examining.

However, it’s worth mentioning that an arborist doesn’t only focus on diagnosing and treating tree problems. In fact, they are involved directly with the upkeep of living trees by means of cutting, pruning, and trimming.

The good thing about these workers is that they are trained in the safest practice to properly climb trees. Not only that, but they are also the right equipment or climbing. They even have mechanical lifts that can be safely used for climbing taller trees.

There are two separate branches of arborist – purist arborist and practical arborist.

  • Purist Arborist

This branch focuses on the aesthetic value of the garden as well as pruning trees.

  • Practical Arborist

A practical arborist is usually involved with trees along with their engagement with the power lines and surrounding infrastructure.

What Can Arborists Do for You?

  1. Tree Removal

Removing a tree is not a simple process and, in some cases, the cost can be very costly. So, it is best that you outsource the job to arborists.

Usually, smaller trees can be easy to remove, however, the taller ones should be eliminated from top to bottom. The arborists should be extra careful not to damage structures such as fences and houses. Sometimes, they even climb lower limbs carefully so that the property will not be damaged.

Arborists, on the other hand, take steps to make sure that they are safe while working on taller trees. They also make sure that they don’t damage the property.

Nevertheless, a professional arborist will first check the trees that need to be removed and will give you quotes based on its experience. Thus, you will have an idea of how much money you can prepare.

  1. Transplanting and Tree Planting

Keep in mind that planting a tree shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself task since its roots require a healthy start. Arborists can offer pieces of advice regarding the best shrubs, trees, and bushes to plant in any place or where it should be in closeness to your house.

However, if the trees need transplanting, an arborist will move the tree and make sure it does not die after it’s transplanted.

In fact, transplanting can be very hard since the arborist often know which roots need to be removed and which ones, they leave intact. When transplanting, arborists ensure that the tree will survive and the root systems flourishes.

When transplanting or planting trees of any kind, continuous maintenance is necessary to make sure they’ll grow healthy. Fortunately, an arborist can also fertilize and conduct soil testing when needed. As a matter of fact, it’s very important in residential areas because the condition of the soil in these areas is poor.

Usually, fertilizing is done by injecting fertilizers into the soil. This is to make sure they will reach the roots. Sometimes, an arborist is injecting nutrients.

  1. Stump Removal

When removing a stump, an arborist usually makes use of a stump grinder. It will get rid of the stump below the surface so that the soil will be put in the cavity and at the same time a plant or lawn care needs can replace the trees.

  1. Root Removal

In some instances, root removal is needed since trees will redevelop from the roots. Root removal is actually a different process and needs some cutting and digging. Arborists will identify which roots might regenerate and afterward, they will be eliminated. Due to the extra job involved, a root removal is more costly compared to stump grinding.

  1. Emergency Care

Severe weather conditions, like a storm, can cause limbs and even a whole tree to fall on structures like homes, cars, and other trees. The weight of the trees damaged by the storm is enormous and trimming or removing them can be very dangerous. Fortunately, an arborist may help in performing the job in the safest way possible, without making further damage.

  1. Root Management

This process will prevent the roots of the tree from damaging foundations as well as sewerage pipes. An arborist will either get rid of roots or make barriers so that the roots will not cause any damage.

  1. Tree Surgery and Tree Pruning

Since they will fall in due course, dead branches may pose dangers not only to property but for people as well. Such branches need to be eliminated as soon as possible in order to stop the disease from spreading which may kill the tree.

One common responsibility of an arborist is to remove diseased branches and prune branches without damaging the tress. What’s more, tree pruning will let more light to fall on the lawn. It will also need to be performed around the power lines.

In some cases, the arborist will need to climb the tree or utilize a truck hoist to eliminate diseased or dead branches. The good thing is that this worker takes safety precautions while securing themselves and watching out for power lins.

  1. Tree Consultation

An arborist may also conduct a tree consultation. Typically, these professionals:

  • Survey shrubs and trees and provide management recommendations on how to make them healthy.
  • Recommend trees that are perfect to plant.
  • Plant shrub and tree on residential properties

Arborists also offer other services like lightning protection, insect control such as pest control, aeration, cabling, and fertilization. What’s more, they determine parasites and diseases to make sure that the tree has enough support and get rid of anything that may damage the plants.

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Reasons to Hire an Arborist

  1. An arborist can help you in protecting your property value and investment

Keep in mind that trees will not only give your house with a curb appeal, in fact, they can also help in increasing the value of your property.

Tree care services are a great investment, trees that are taken care of and maintained properly are not only beautiful, they also increase value to the property. To note as well, trees that are poorly maintained can considerably be a liability.

  1. Safely works on a tree

Another reason is that an arborist can safely work on trees. Unless you know what you are doing, a typical homeowner doesn’t have the right equipment and tool needed to deal with tree care in the safest manner possible.

  1. They’re capable of handling storm damage

An arborist can help homeowners with the damages caused by a storm. It will also prevent possible dangers to the trees that only professionals with the right knowledge and training can handle.

Arborists, on the other hand, are trained to deal with issues that are very devastating particularly for an average untrained person.

Storm damage isn’t noticeable and fixing them can pose lots of dangerous risks. Though it’s impossible to protect the tree from storm damage, an arborist may help in inspecting for issues that may predispose not only the tree but your home to failure.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you should consider hiring an arborist.


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