What Do You need to Know About Bee Removal?

Whether you like them or not, the benefits that bees offer are hard to ignore. Without a doubt, bees play a very crucial role in balancing the ecosystem. They are also responsible for pollinating about 1/3 of all the foods we eat. One more thing, they produce a huge amount of honey that offers a wide variety of benefits. But unfortunately, these little creatures, are very dangerous, especially when they are building hives. That is why bee removal is very important to ensure safety.

However, keep in mind that no matter how small or serious the problem is, experts said that this job is not a DIY and you will find out why later on.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough knowledge about bee removal, then keep on reading. We will walk you through the most important things about this process that every homeowner needs to know.

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What is Bee Removal?

As the name implies, a bee removal refers to the process of getting rid of bees from a certain place. It’s also described as the action of resolving bee problems. Bee removal is quite a challenging task, that is why it’s mostly done by professionals.

Today, there are many different treatments to eliminate bees, from hive removal and carpenter bee traps to live bee removal.

For hive removal, you will need to vacuum the hives or cover them with plastic tarps, and allowing the sun to heat the hives to a certain temperature bee won’t be able to survive.

The carpenter bee trap, on the other hand, will trick the bees by letting them enter over a tiny hole in wood. The bees will then trap into a plastic bottle. However, for bee control, this is not the most effective method that you can try. Why? Because it won’t get rid of the main source of the bee problem. Yes, some bees will fall into your bait, but you’ll still need to deal with the infestation. That being said, this method is not usually recommended by entomologists, beekeepers, and pest management professionals. Another reason is that bees are great pollinators and they should be moved to safer places instead of being killed and this where live bee removal comes into play.

Live Bee Removal

Bees are the kinds of creatures who are building on their hive constantly and expanding their size. If this bee removal method is not disrupted, the queen bee remains protected and safe. Thus, the colony will be able to survive and flourish.

It’s worth remembering that once you ruin a hive whether partially or completely, this will disrupt the function as well as the process within it. As a result, the survival of bees is at risk.

So, it’s safe to say the safest and most effective way to remove bees on your home or property is the live bee removal.

However, this process is somewhat misleading because of the term used. Depending on the person or bee removal company who will do the job, live bee removal may possibly not mean similar as you have been told.

During the process of removal, the bees remain alive. BUT, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will remain alive or move to safer places.

One of the major benefits of live bee removal is that it’s environmentally-friendly since no harsh substances and dangerous chemicals are involved in the process.

Signs That Your Home is Infested with Bees

Not sure whether your property needs bee removal or not? If yes, here are some of the common signs that you need to watch out for.

  1. A lot of holes in hard plants

If your property is infested by carpenter bees, it’s normal that you see holes in hard plants close to your place.

You can also look for sawdust in your rafters, boards, deck, doors, and windows. If there are sawdust fallouts, one thing is for your sure, your home is infested with bees.

  1. Bees are everywhere

Well, this sign is pretty obvious. Seeing bees and even wasps around or inside of your home is an initial indication of bee infestation. If you notice a horde of bees moving inside and outside of your property, know that there’s a problem and don’t ignore it. When this happens make sure to look for hives and also, don’t forget to check the attics and chimney in your residence.

  1. Active nest

If you notice an active nest of bee in your home’s inner structure or even in the garden, it’s another sign that bees are infesting your property. Active nests usually routed under the floorboards of your home, in trees, or in your shed or garage. Sometimes active nests are also hiding in the wall voids.

If you think that there is a bee infestation in your place, but you can’t see obvious nests, then you need to keep an eye on the bees moving in and out of your home. If they’re going or coming from a certain part of your home and laden with pollen, this would be an obvious sign as to where the nests are.

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DIY Bee Removal: Why You Shouldn’t Do It?

Admit it or not, you always want to save money. Instead of hiring experts, you will do it on your own instead especially if you know how to solve the problem. But this is not the case for bee removal. As mentioned, you should let pros do this job no matter how insignificant the infestation.

However, if you’re insisting that you can handle the job, then here are the problems with the DIY technique of removing bees that you need to know.

  1. Hazardous

If you don’t know what you are doing, you are obviously putting yourself in danger. For example, you might get stung not just once but a couple of times depending on how serious the infestation you are dealing with.

Furthermore, you don’t have the proper equipment and tools to remove the bees gently, safely, and thoroughly. On the other hand, when the bee problem is located on the roof of your home, trees, or anywhere that is above the ground the possibility of you being injured is high because you may get shocked when the bees attack you.

  1. You can hardly move bees safely and gently

Honeybees are not a pain to get rid of. As mentioned, they play a crucial role in pollination and even in agriculture. That being said, you need to protect them so that they will still survive.

But as a homeowner, you are less likely to do it because as mentioned you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. Thus, the last thing that you can do is seek help from a professional that conducts live bee removal.

These workers know how to get rid of bees carefully most especially if they’re posing a danger not only for your home but people as well. Furthermore, you are certain that they will be relocated properly.

  1. It’s not an easy job

During the process of removal, removing everything from honeycomb and honey to bees is critical. In fact, leaving even just a small number of pheromones will attract more bees in the forthcoming. It may even double the numbers of bees you removed. Not only that, but you’re also attracting rodents and other insects which may worsen the damage. So, it is best to get rid of all the hints of original bees.

  1. It may trigger allergies

When removing bees from your property, you will need to use a certain pesticide. However, there’s a possibility that it’s your first time to buy this kind of pesticide. A lot of people, including you, may have allergies to different chemicals used in making pesticides for bee removal. Others are allergic to bee sting as well.

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Hire Bee Removal Company At Local Services Helpline

Since bee removal can be very dangerous if you do it on your own, the only thing that you can do to get rid of these tiny creatures safely and completely is to hire a professional and reliable bee removal company.

Today, bee removal companies are everywhere, this makes finding a reliable and good one a difficult task. But with the assistance of Local Services Helpline, you are certain that you will end up with such a bee removal company.

With this website, you’ll be connected to professionals who have enough experience with regards to dealing with an infestation. Keep in mind that those who have several years in bee removal have better chances of helping you resolve the problem.

Aside from that, the companies the Local Services Helpline will recommend to you are using safe products and services. Meaning to say, the removal process will be carried out safely without killing or harming the bees and the people living in the property. They also have all the necessary tools to make the process efficient. One more thing, they offer fair pricing and this is crucial especially if you have a limited budget and whether you are in the United States or Canada.

Would you like to hire bee removal experts and companies recommended by Local Services Helpline? If yes, then visit LocalServiceshHelpline.com today before more serious bee infestation occurs in your home.



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