What Are the Different Types of Handyman Services Homeowners Need to Know?

Running an entire household is not as easy as running in the street. There are many things that need to be done, but there’s only limited time to do them. Groceries, a 10-hour workday, bills must be paid, family dinner must be attended, kids need to be transported to school, and you need to also have a life. With such hectic schedules and busy lives, most of the time, odd works around the home may set aside. Minor problems such as repairs and maintenance can be a good example. The problem is that such minor issues may become major issues. This is where handyman services come into play.

These services have been around for quite some time only. But with technological inventions and advancements, the career of handymen has taken new turns. What’s more, the services are professionally offered.

Before, there is no much professionalism involved and remarkable qualifications needed. But today, if you want to become a successful handyman, you need experience and the right qualifications. It’s because there are myriad tools and equipment involved and a person needs basic skills in order to handle them properly and with care. In addition to that, the variety of handyman services has expanded because of the many different skills needed allowing every handyman to handle a long list of services.

Are you wondering what are the different types of handyman services that you can take advantage of? Read on to learn more about these services and the benefits you may reap when you use them.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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The 11 Types of Handyman Services That Every Homeowner Needs to Know

  1. Tile Installation

Often, a general handyman service performs the installation of tiles over prepared subflooring. While it sounds simple, there’s actually a lot of the things involved in tile installation aside from laying down the adhesive, smoothing it out, and placing tiles over it.

For instance, a handyman specializing in tile installation needs to measure the space of the flooring carefully and properly. So, he/she can cut tiles to fit the ends of the installation area. What’s more, a handyman needs to exactly lay the tile to avoid warped layouts as well as wasted space.

  1. Painting

One of the most common types of handyman services is the painting of the interior and exterior of walls.

Painting a house can be very challenging particularly if your home is occupied. A lot of homeowners planning to sell their properties usually utilize a painting service to boost their curb appeal. Believe it or not, such homeowners obtain better and positive ROIs by selling the property for more bucks and quicker.

Nevertheless, a general handyman service often takes a request to repaint a property. Also, it has the needed tools to get the job done easily and efficiently like a ladder, paint rollers, tape, drop cloths, and furniture covers. Also, some even focus on painting services for the reason that they are very popular.

  1. Bathroom Maintenance, Repairs, and Improvements

Your bathroom becomes more susceptible to damages because of day-to-day usage. Fortunately, a handyman service comes in handy to make sure that you enjoy your showers every day.

In case you didn’t know, bathroom repairs may range from shower tiles to laying ceramic floors.

Whether you need bathroom maintenance, repair, or improvement, it’s best to leave the job to professional handymen even if you have time for such endeavors on your own. It’s because you may not have the skills, experience, and tools needed.

  1. Attic Management

If you’re dreaming of a home that’s energy-efficient, then a professional handyman service can help you with that. With the right insulation of attics, you’ll transform your home into an energy-efficient one.

Expert handymen will ensure the right installation of insulation while doing other repairs to other parts of your home.

  1. Drywall Repairs and Installation

This type of handyman service will include repairing moisture damage in humid areas, sealing holes in the walls, handling a crack from settling, and fixing structural tear and wear.

If you are currently dealing with any of these problems or simply need installation, you can seek assistance from a certified handyman and watch him do the magic.

  1. Deck Repair and Maintenance

During summer nights it feels great to unwind while watching the sunset and sipping your favorite beverage or eating with your family.

If you want to have the best summer experience, then a handyman service can give you that.

  1. Smart Home Installation

With this kind of handyman service, a professional will come to your home and install smart home devices. The most common devices that they install are sensors, thermostats, as well as doorbells.

However, it’s crucial to check with the service provider to be certain they’re qualified to install a specific brand and product since there are various types available. Also, some require specialist knowledge of different electrical systems and other thorough information.

  1. Power Washing

Another handyman service that you need to know is power washing. Roofs, garage flooring, driveways, exterior walls, and other high-traffic surfaces in your home may accumulate debris and dirt. Take note, these things may cause severe discoloration. So, if you want to keep your home pristine, then you can use this handyman service as your basic property maintenance.

However, it’s worth mentioning that not all general handyman services have the right tool for power washing. High-grade water compressors may prove to be costly and need often frequent maintenance. Thus, some professionals don’t offer power washing.

  1. Fixture Replacement

Fixtures in your home like lighting systems, cabinets, and kitchen faucets may break or wear from day-to-day use.

While a lot of fixtures can be replaced by amateur DIY enthusiasts with ease, there are many homeowners who are too busy to do tasks. As a result, they tend to leave the job to the professionals.

Since some fixture replacement works do not need a license, often, they can be performed by general handyman service experts. But there might be a situation in which replacing a certain fixture like a lighting system and faucet needs specialized licenses.

  1. Small Appliance Repairs

Admit it or not, sometimes you would rather repair a damaged appliance than buying a new one. Thus, one of the most popular handyman services is a small appliance repair.

In most cases, handymen are capable of fixing an appliance problem for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new.

One more thing, they can also offer an estimate of the cost of the reparation compared to the replacement cost.

  1. Window Repair and Installation

Over time, tear and wear may badly affect your windows’ efficiency. Handymen make window repairs as well as installation to improve the overall value of your home. In terms of repairing windows, handymen will address different window frame problems and for different types of windows.

Handyman Services

What Are the Benefits of Using Handyman Services?

Following is the list of benefits that you may reap when you use any of the handyman services mentioned above.

  1. Save Money

A lot of homeowners including yourself for sure have tried to complete a task like a minor renovation only to make a mistake and realize that they can’t handle the job.

Doing a DIY project can be exciting and fun. But most of the time, it may result in wasting money, material, and even time.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best that you take advantage of handyman services. Professional handymen know what exactly they are doing. What’s more, they have the needed materials and tools to do the job properly in a timely manner.

  1. You Don’t Need to Hire Difference Workers or Contractors

Handymen have different skills that can aid you to accomplish different results that you want. In fact, it’s one reason why they are called jack of all trades.

Handymen can do different tasks. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to hire a painter, power washer, plumber, carpenter, and other service providers that may take time to complete the job.

  1. You’ll Discover Other Problems That Need Immediate Fixing or Repair

As mentioned, handymen are knowledgeable in various areas. That being said, you can also get pieces of advice on other parts or areas of your home that need to be replaced and fixed.

What’s more, these service providers can tell your pipes need unclogging or replacement.

  1. Reliability

Handymen are reliable. In fact, with their extensive experience and high qualifications, you can be certain that all works will be done in a timely and professional manner. By using handyman services, you don’t need to do disastrous DIY works.

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