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How to Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a huge task. It needs careful and thorough planning to guarantee a successful project. But aside from that, remodeling a kitchen can be very expensive, especially if there is a lot of things that need to be remodeled. In fact, this is the main reason why some homeowners chose not to do this kind of home improvement project.

Little did they know there are so many ways that they can do to save on kitchen remodeling. 

So, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen but hesitant to do it because you are on a tight budget, then read on.

We have compiled not just one but many ways to help you cut down the expenses involved in remodeling a kitchen. But before that let’s first take a look at the benefits of remodeling your kitchen.

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Benefits When You Remodel Your Kitchen

  1. Energy Saving

One of the common benefits of remodeling your kitchen is that it’ll allow you to save energy. Replacing your artificial lights with skylights can be a great help when it comes to cutting down your electricity bill.

What’s more, your outdated appliances will be changed with newer and modern ones. As we all know, most kitchen appliances today are more energy-efficient compared to the ones that we had before.

  1. Improve Functionality

Another benefit of remodeling is that it’ll help in improving the functionality of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a claustrophobic and outdated layout, you will greatly benefit from remodeling.

For instance, you can take down a non-load bearing wall for an open floor plan. Or you can reposition your appliances for improved functionality. For home chefs, having an L or U-shaped kitchen is a practical option.

All in all, when you do kitchen remodeling, you are looking to add organization, space, and ease of use.

  1. You will feel excited about making homemade meals

Compared to restaurant meals, homemade meals are much healthier. However, if your kitchen has an outdated look and feels restricted, you’ll not be motivated to prepare your own meals. As a result, you will end up ordering from a restaurant.

But if your kitchen has new appliances, increased counter space, and a new look that can be only achieved through remodeling, you’ll surely want to stay at home and prepare or the meals that you want.

Kitchen Remodeling Contracting Ideas
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9 Ways on How to Save Money on Remodeling Your Kitchen

  1. Create your own countertops

When it comes to countertops, you will be able to save a huge amount of money depending on your creativity.

The most popular option is the granite. But did you know that you can make your own kitchen countertop using cement? Well, it’s a fact but, it requires some serious work.

For the most affordable and simplest option, you can use a laminate countertop. All you need to do is buy a laminate roller and a trim router that has a flush-trim bit. You will also need to prepare glue and dowels. Nevertheless, if you are planning to use a laminate kitchen countertop, you need to consider the cost of replumbing your sink or putting a new one. Usually, you will need to hire a plumber to do the job.

  1. Don’t change the layout of your kitchen

If you are contented with the current layout of your kitchen but want to have a fresh update consider working with a kitchen builder or general contractor. This is to maintain the current layout without spending a huge amount.

Keep in mind that changing the layout of your kitchen like moving the position of your sink will need plumbing. Unfortunately, this work is a bit costly, which is not a good idea since you are trying to save.

  1. Make a kitchen island using an old cart or table

Do you want to install a kitchen island as one part of your kitchen remodeling project but on a tight budget? Worry no more, because you will be able to make one using either an old cart or a table.

By adding castors to the table, you will be able to make a functional and eye-catching kitchen island without spending too much.

But before you make one, you need to check the rules and regulations in your area on making an island. Usually, it’ll require codes and permits which may contribute to the overall cost of remodeling.

  1. For a custom kitchen, it is best that you shop local

If you are planning to install new cabinets, at first, a put-together a box cabinet that could be the most affordable option. However, it’s worth mentioning that this type of cabinet may not last long. As an alternative, hire a local woodworker who makes and installs such cabinets at a reasonable price.

  1. Look for dented kitchen appliances

If you want to save on kitchen appliances, you may want to shop for dented ones. Most shops will offer a considerable discount for dented but fully functional items.

As long as the damage is in the cosmetic, there are lots of ways that you can do to fix it without hiring a pro.

Further, you will need to consider where the unit will fit in the kitchen. If you can save a hundred dollars on a microwave that has a tiny dent that can’t be seen with the naked eye, it could be worth ignoring minor flaws.

  1. Don’t remove a wall, instead, opt for cutouts

The huge majority of homeowners wish to open the space between the family room and kitchen. This actually beneficial if you want to make an open floor plan.

If you also want to try this idea and plan to remove a wall, honestly, there are lots of things that you need to consider. For instance, does the wall have venting, electrical, or water pipes running through that need to be redirected? Once a wall is removed the ceiling, floor, and other walls might have to be cut and fixed.

Fortunately, there is another way that you can do and in fact, it’s a more affordable option and it’s called cutout. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t open a room but it also offers an additional area for seating and countertop space. Though you’ll need to check for plumbing and mechanics, you’ll still save money because you don’t need to repair the ceiling and floor.

  1. Use your existing cabinets

Kitchen remodeling does not necessarily mean that you will need to change your cabinet. If your kitchen cabinets are still functional and have good quality, consider reusing them instead of buying new.

It’s amazing how a handful of coats of paint can improve the overall look of your kitchen. Painting as well as resurfacing can be cost-effective options. However, you need to make sure that you take the necessary steps to obtain an impressive finish.

  1. Invest in an inexpensive type of flooring

Instead of replacing it, if you have a solid hardwood floor, consider sanding and at the same time refinishing them. In fact, if you do this, you will be able to save about 70 to 80 percent on your flooring budget. Tile and hardwood are the most popular kitchen floors. The cost of such flooring will depend on the sub-floor that you have and where you currently live.

In general, in moderate or colder climates, hardwood is more affordable because the main floor has plywood sub-floors. However, if you are living in a place that has a warm climate, tile is much cheaper. This is because most households are constructed on slabs.

But if you’re looking for more practical options consider investing in engineered vinyl planks. Though these items are somewhat new, they’re actually becoming more and more popular. These planks look like wood and they’re also water-resistant. Further, you can easily install them on your own.

  1. If possible, don’t relocate your appliances

A lot of homeowners don’t comprehend how much relocating gas lines and plumbing cost.

Plumbing can be a costly job. Not only that, but moving your appliances will involve tearing out some parts of your kitchen, for instance, the walls. After that, you will have to re-sheetrock.

If you are contented with the current locations of your appliances, we highly recommend that you leave them.

Why You Should Hire A Kitchen Remodeling Company?

Most homeowners think that hiring a kitchen remodeling company can be very expensive. In fact, this isn’t true as it can save you from making costly mistakes that usually happen when you choose to do the task on your own. Further, a kitchen done by professionals will inspire confidence and most importantly, boost the value of your home.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to hire a company, then Local Services Helpline can help you. The companies that this website recommends have a great reputation and locally recommended. They also have lots of effective and functional designs. More importantly, their proficiency will allow them to remodel your kitchen efficiently without wasting any centavo and an inch of space.

Whether you are from Canada or the USA, visit for more details regarding how you can hire kitchen remodeling experts.


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