What Are the Things That You Need to Know Before Hiring Painters?

If you are planning to hire painters, there are many things that you need to know to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Would you like to learn more about them? If yes, then check out this article.

Have you decided to hire professional painters to paint your home? If yes, then congratulations.

Working with professional painting services means that you are investing in excellent quality paint works that are not just certain to impress but retain its great looks as well. Further, it’s much cheaper to hire a professional painter than buy all the needed materials and perform the job alone.

But, before you hire a painter, here are the important things that you need to know.

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How to Prepare Your Home for A Painting Job

Despite the fact that painters may do these things, keep in mind that you are paying these professionals to paint your home and not to move or remove your household items. So, before you hire one make sure to prepare your home by following the tips mentioned below.

  1. Move Your Furniture

Usually, the painter will cover your furniture using plastic sheets. However, make sure that they are out of the painter’s way. These professionals want to be faltering around on your pieces of furniture, particularly if they’re holding a bucket of paint. If possible, move such things out of the area being painted. But if your problem is space, no worries because you can move the furniture in the middle of the room.

Aside from the furniture, you should also remove mirrors, paintings, pictures, clocks, and other stuff hanging on your wall.

  1. Clean Your Walls

After removing the things on the wall, make sure to do a thorough cleaning. Paint, in case you didn’t know, can bring out physical differences in your walls. After painting, dirt, and dust are especially more noticeable, because basically, that paint sticks to any such substance to your wall permanently.

When cleaning your walls, you do not need anything expensive. All you need to do is make a solution by mixing a mild detergent and water. Then apply the solution using a soak. But make sure not to soak the walls. One more thing, leave a considerable amount of time to dry the walls before doing a painting job. If you want to reduce the drying time, you can make use of fans.

  1. Remove Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

Though it’s not a big deal if switch plates and outlet covers to avoid staining it’s best to avoid this from happening.

Since such things are typically made of plastic, getting rid of dried paint can be difficult. In fact, this is crucial if you have nice and expensive switch plates and covers.

  1. Make A Staging Area

Painters don’t only carry gallons of paint. Usually, these professionals set up shop in a certain area that will give them enough space to store their paint, sheets, ladders, and other necessary stuff.

Even though a painter carries all his stuff, still you may want to give him a room to keep his things. In fact, this is crucial if you have plenty of belongings.

  1. Vacate the Area That Needs to Be Painted

Before you hire painters, make sure the pets, children, as well as people in general, stay away from the workspace. Doing so will avoid putting any type of danger by the painter. In other words, it’ll minimize the possibility of messy accidents.  It’ll allow the painter to do the painting job more rapidly since nobody is at home.

  1. Clean

Giving your room a deep and full clean before applying new paint is a good idea. The main reason why you should do this is that to prevent the dirt and dust from kicking out into the air and then settle on the surface of your new paint before it dries completely.

What Do Painters Actually Do?

From painting an entire house to painting a simple window, a lot of painters will do any type of work. But to give you an idea here is the list of works that a painter usually does.

  • Prepare the surface before painting. It means the painter will do a light sanding and scrape away loose paint. It’ll also clean off the woodwork.
  • Cover areas that won’t be painted like cabinets, windows, floors, and counters.
  • Remove lights, doors, electrical plates, as well as other hindrances.
  • Priming the current paint using interior latex primers
  • Do cleanups in case of an accident.
  • Check for missed spots and the painter will fix them afterward.

These are only a few of the many works that a painter does.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Painter?

We know that you’re tempted to do painting works on your own because you think that this job is easy to do, simply dip the paintbrush into the paint and apply it to your walls. But did you know that it’s more beneficial to leave this job to the pro? Keep on reading to find out the reasons why hiring professional painters is a worthy investment.

  1. Save Time

Yes, if you do the job on your own you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of time. But how about the time you will need to spend just to finish the project? If you’re doing the job alone and it’s your first time to do, it may take you a couple of weeks to paint your entire home. So, it’s best that you hire a professional and use your time in other important things.

When handled by a pro, a painting job will only take a day or two. But if you want your entire home to be painted, usually it takes 3 to 5 days.

  1. Safety

Professional painters need to lean out windows, climb on roofs, and do other things just to finish the job. The thing is why would you do the job on your own when you can hire a pro who can do the job.

Painters know what they are doing. They know how to use a ladder properly and measure their fatigue level. These professionals will not push their limitations because they know how dangerous this job is.

  1. Guaranteed Quality

Applying paint on your wall is pretty easy. The question is that will the finished product look good? Aside from the appearance, do you know how to paint hard to reach areas and the most important part of your home? For sure, you don’t, especially if you are not familiar with painting.

Professional painters, however, know that some parts of your home like the small gaps above the door and below the side paneling are dangerous. If you don’t paint such critical areas, then your home is more prone to critters, mold, as well as other kinds of damage.

That being said, a professional painter will not only make the paint look more appealing, but it’ll protect your home better as well.

Sure, you can save a significant amount of money by doing everything on your own. But professional painters will do everything more efficiently and better, saving you a lot of time to concentrate on other important things. Nevertheless, aside from the above-mentioned, there are other reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the assistance of professional painting services.

However, if you’ve decided to hire one, read on to learn more about how to choose the right painter.

Tips for Choosing the Right Painter for Your Home

  1. Do Your Research

To find a reputable painter in the USA or Canada, you need to search online. Create a list of interesting home painters you want to hire. But make sure not to come up with a decision based on the price alone.

You need to create a list of pros and cons of every service provider so that you’ll be able to make a wise and informed decision. Know your priorities.

Take note, a painter may offer their service at a cheaper price but you’ll have to weigh various factors so that you’ll not end up with the wrong service provider.

  1. Meet the Painter Before Hiring

Don’t hire a painter without meeting or talking to him in person. Make sure to meet the service provider and talk about the terms of the projects, its delivery, and your expectations.

If you are comfortable with how the painter does its business, then you can hire him. But if you sense unprofessional vibes, don’t think twice and look for another option. Always remember, there are plenty of painters out there where you can choose from.

  1. Set A Budget

Since they do jobs for which you don’t have the skills, time, and materials, hiring a professional painter your home may be a bit expensive. This is the reason why you should clearly set your budget and then talk to the service provider regarding the services they’re offering.

Ask the painter about unforeseen expenses and of course, where they came from. Good workmanship and high-quality materials tend to cost a bit more, but where you currently live may affect the labor as well.

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