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Termite Control: What Are the Common Signs of A Termite Infestation in Homes?

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. For instance, you’re responsible for maintaining your property. What’s more, you will need to do everything to protect this valuable possession of yours from any damage. If you’re a new homeowner, you’ll learn soon that with the advantages of having your own home, comes with home improvements, repair, and general upkeep and maintenance.

For most homeowners, it’s common that termite control is not their priority most especially when there is no noticeable sign of infestation. Unfortunately, these damaging tiny creatures cause damage behind the scenes. Meaning to say, homeowners, are only aware of the existence of termites in their property after huge damage has been done.

It’s worth noting that the presence of termites in your property may be the number one reason behind serious damage and loss of investments.

To prevent this from happening, it’s very important that you look for signs of termites in your property. But, if you’re not aware of these signs and want to control termites before it’s too late, make sure to read this article until the end.

The 7 Common Signs That Your Home Is Suffering from Termite Infestation

  1. White Ants

When you notice white and translucent insects in your home, you’re not seeing ants, instead termites.

Unluckily, a lot of people ignore a termite infestation because they confuse them with inoffensive ants.

For your information, termites and ants have the same body size and shape, however, they’re completely different. Usually, the differences are in the wings, abdomens, and antennas. The antennas of ants are elbowed whereas termites have straight antennas.

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as white ants. So, don’t make the same mistake again or else you will end suffering from severe termite infestations.

  1. Termite Droppings

Termites, especially the dry wood ones tend to nest in the wood. While they are eating and tunneling the pieces of wood they are infesting, termites are also making galleries that they want to keep clean. In order to clean these galleries, termites usually make some kick out holes in which they get rid of their dirt. Since termites consume wood, obviously their dirt is wood as well that may basically make mounts of pellets. These pellets that look like coffee grounds and sawdust is an indication that there are termites in your property.

  1. Termite Swarms

When there are termite swarms in your locality, there’s a possibility that termites will move to your house. This happens because they running out food.

A termite is typically found in fall and spring. But this doesn’t mean that you disregard termite control because it happens at any time of the year.

On the other hand, if your neighbors are complaining that there are termites in their households, there’s a strong likelihood that you do as well. That’s why inspect your home and if treatment is necessary, make sure to take action immediately.

  1. Clicking Sounds

Do you notice soft clicking sounds coming from your walls? If yes, termites may be the real culprits.

One of the common signs that termites are present in your home is clicking sounds. Termites, particularly soldier termites tend to shake their bodies and bang their heads to the walls when their colonies are disturbed. They’re doing this to alert other termites that they are in danger.

Working termites, on the other hand, are called the noisy eaters and this type of termite loves to eat wood. When you place your ears near to the infested wood, you hear the termites munching away.

  1. Wood Tunnels

One of the common emblems of termites is wood tunnels. Thus, when you see such tunnels, this a reliable sign that termites have successfully gained access to your property. Unfortunately, this indication of infestation can’t be seen immediately. As a matter of fact, you need to go near or around your property to assess broken timbers so that you’ll know about their existence. However, you can still hire a termite control professional if you want to make sure that everything is fine.

  1. Discarded Wings

From time to time, some homeowners mistake termites for a flying ant by accident. One to verify that you are dealing with destructive termites is to search for discarded wings. If you start seeing piles of wings around your house, termites are most likely the culprit.

After they find their mates, termites will lose their wings shortly. Ants, however, don’t shed wings, always keep that in your mind.

There are times that you’ll see termites swarming in the evening before they’ve cast off their wings. What’s more, you can see them close to your light sources buzzing around.

  1. Hard to open windows

Stiff windows may possibly mean termites as well. The moisture that the termites produce when tunneling and eating through your windows and even door frames will cause the wood warp. As a result, opening or closing them becomes very difficult.

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Termite Control Tips That You Can Try at Home

  1. Eliminate any source of moisture

Keep in mind that termites like too much moisture. In fact, they tend to survive and multiply more rapidly in places that are saturated using water. That being said, make sure to remove all the sources of moisture or else termites will perceive this as an invitation to enter your home.

Moreover, make sure that the inner parts of your home particularly the rooms are always and completely dry. Also, you control termites from infesting your home by repairing water problems like leaking faucets and broken pipes right away.

  1. Invest in wood that is pressure treated

If you are planning to build a shed that you can place in your or garden or constructing furniture, we strongly recommend that you make use of pressure-treated wood. Most of the time, termites don’t damage pieces of wood that undergo any chemical treatment. Therefore, pressure-treated pieces of wood are your best options.

If you’re sick of removing a termite infestation on your wooden furniture, such as wood, a pest control service is ideal for the job.

  1. Check the foundation of your home

Another termite control tip that is very easy to do but most people usually forgot is taking slow walks around the foundation of your home. Though termites are not eating concrete they are actually making mud tubes that are another sign of your termite infestation. When you start seeing mud tubes, the destructive creatures are attempting to scale up your home’s foundation to look for a tasty food supply. Thus, make sure to do a termite control technique.

  1. Maintain Good Ventilation

Keep in mind that ventilation can be a great help when it comes to controlling the moisture. Without proper ventilation most especially in basements and attics, condensation may build up and leak to the wood. This makes it the ideal habitat not only for termite but for rot and mildew as well.

To prevent termites from invading you make sure that you observe proper and good ventilation all the time.

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Did You Notice Signs of A Termite Infestation in Your Home? Local Services Helpline Can Help You

Now that you have an idea about the common signs of termite infestations in your home, does it seem that your property is infested by termites? If yes, you need to take the right action immediately to prevent more serious damage.

As you can see there are termite control tips that you can follow to stop these destructive creatures with their intentions. However, it’s worth mentioning that these tips can’t guarantee effective outcomes. What’s more, it’s very dangerous since you are not only exposing yourself to harsh chemicals but also your family and pets. That’s why we highly recommend that you hire professional termite control services.

Today the market is flooded with such workers, but this makes choosing the best one a difficult task considering that not all of them offer high-quality results. But with the help of Local Services Helpline, you will be able to find the best and most reliable termite control services without exerting too much effort. In fact, this website will recommend a company that will suit your needs.

When it comes to the pricing, you have nothing to worry about because Local Services Helpline will only recommend those who have fair prices. In fact, DIY treatments are more expensive since they may cause further damage when done incorrectly than working with professional termite exterminators referred by this website.

So if you want to save your home, expensive fixtures, and furniture and protect your family from termite infestation without breaking your bank visit today. In case you didn’t know, this reliable website has already a lot of homeowners dealing with a termite infestation in Canada and the USA.

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