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A Comprehensive Guide to Window Installation

Installing windows can do a lot of great things for your home. It’ll boost the curb appeal, improve its performance, and reduce drafts. But if window installation isn’t performed correctly you may possibly face serious problems.

If you are thinking about installing new windows in your home, it’s important that you have an idea about the options and means that you have before you jump in.

Window installation is a complicated process. What’s more, depending on the current condition of your windows and your needs, there are various means to go about this process.

To help in making the best and wisest decision for your household, in this article, we will walk you through the most important things that you need to know about window installation.

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What Are the Different Types of Window Installation?

There are two major types of window installation where you can choose from – insert or retro window replacement and full-frame installation.

  1. Insert or Retrofit Window Replacement

If you want to preserve the current look of your home, this type of installation is perfect for you. With insert installation, new windows will be placed into your existing frames. Since you will not need to invest in new frames, it’s relatively cheaper than the full-frame installation. What’s more, it’s less labor exhaustive and less aggressive on your home’s structure.

However, there is always a major concern that even though it is performed properly, still retrofit window replacement will not consider the frames’ condition and may not get rid of the issues with the existing units completely.

It’s also worth mentioning that it is not ideal for old homes. Why? Since their brickmoulds, casings, and jamb extensions should be crack- and rot-free for this type of installation to be effective.

  1. Full-frame Installation

With this type, complete window replacement is needed. For a full-frame installation, the interior, exterior trim, sill, and the window needs to be removed. Once the installation process is done actually it’s not unusual for a homeowner to touch up the wall using fresh paint to finish the job.

Other materials are also needed to perform this type of installation such as drip edge and insulation. However, such materials may increase the overall cost of the project.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Window Installation Company?

While you might be convinced that you can do the project alone with ease, it’s best that you leave this home improvement job to experts. Window installation isn’t something to test your capabilities considering that it’ll involve glasses and other parts. Also, it’ll become more expensive when something is broken in the process.

If you are having seconds, the following are the most common reasons why homeowners should hire a professional.

  1. Expertise

If you want your windows to last long, make sure that they are installed properly. When we say properly installed the windows should be tight fitted. Whereas the frames are sealed and weatherproofed sufficiently. If the windows are sealed and installed incorrectly, this may result in serious problems like energy loss and air leakages.

Nevertheless, only professional window installers have this expertise and can guarantee great outcomes.

Some windows, on the other hand, come with certain manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Fortunately, professionals have the right skills and are equipped to carry out such specifications.

Remember that only skilled installers can consider the existing architecture of your home and personal preference before installing the windows.

  1. Fast Installation

Window installation will take a couple of hours and even days to finish especially if you choose to do it yourself. This is because you don’t have the right skills and tools.

However, by hiring a professional company the installation of your new windows will be done more rapidly. Not only that, but you will not have to worry about incorrect installation as well.

If you choose to do the project and you realize that you are wrong, you might be left with gaping windows overnight which may expose your elements to elements. You may also invite burglars and other unwanted guests.

  1. Professionals Have Access to High-Quality Materials

Since they are connected to many suppliers, professional installers have access to high-quality materials. That being said, you are certain that your windows will resist tear and wear and even harsh weather since they’re made with quality materials.

  1. They Have the Right Tools

As mentioned, window installation needs the right tools in order to job properly. But unfortunately, not all homeowners have these tools and in fact, they’re not cheap. This is where hiring a professional comes in handy since they possess all the needed tools to make sure that your windows are safely and properly installed.

  1. They Will Dispose of the Dirt and Debris

Installing windows is a messy project. In fact, you have old windows and construction dirt to dispose of. If you do the project, you don’t have an option but to clean all the mess unless you are willing to pay someone which is not a practical idea if you want to save. But with professional installers, they’ll clean up everything leaving your home clean.

We hope that the top five reasons we mentioned above have convinced you to hire a professional. If you’ve decided to give it a try, but can’t decide which one should you hire then read on.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Window Installation Company

  1. Credibility

When looking for a company choose one that you can truly trust. One great way to do this is to perform thorough research. Also, ask the registration documentation of the company. Make sure that company as well as the installers are insured, certified, and licensed. You can also read online customer reviews and testimonials.

Aside from doing an online search, if the company is close to your home, consider visiting the company in person. Talk to the workers and inquire about the history of the company and even the technologies they are using.

Visit their showroom as well to see their products that they may possibly use in the installation.

  1. Cost

If you want long-lasting and high-quality windows, you should be willing to invest a considerable amount of money.

Window installation is not just a complicated process, but it also a huge investment. That said, make sure that you are getting the best value for the money.

If you are trying to save on the installation, consider a bargain price package but be sure not to ignore the quality.

A good company will give you a budget-friendly package but for a good quality job. Remember that, you don’t have to overreach your budget. However, if the company is giving high-quality services, consider investing extra cash.

  1. Quality of the Materials

Some companies buy their materials from suppliers, while others manufacture their own. Nevertheless, whether the company you are considering is getting the materials from other manufacturers or producing their own products, check the quality.

If the products are constructed locally, then you can rest assured that they are of high quality. In case you didn’t know, local manufacturers are familiar with the climate of the region. What’s more, they are designing materials accordingly.

By the way, you can set an appointment with a company’s representative to know more details about the materials.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Windows?

When it comes to window installation, the average national cost is $5,500. However, the vast majority of homeowners usually spend between $2950 and $8510.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there are various factors that affect the overall cost of installing windowlike the materials, size of the window, and the window type.

  • Materials

Today the most common materials used in windows are vinyl and wood. But others like composite, stainless steel, and aluminum are being used as well.

The costliest window material is wood. However, it tends to last a bit long when protected from harsh elements and maintained properly.

For the most affordable option, you can never go wrong with composite. As a matter of fact, it’s a combination of wood fibers and PVC.

The material will identify the window’s longevity. Thereby, it’s more important to consider sturdiness and durability over the price.

  • Window Type

Sliding windows, classic windows, and double hang windows are the most popular styles or types of windows.

In residential homes, double hang windows are typically used. These windows come with sashes on the lower and upper sections. These will allow the windows to slide down and up. For this type of window, the average cost will range from $300 to $800 depending on the material and size.

If you are living in a contemporary home consider sliding windows that usually cost between $350 and $1200. These windows will slide to the sides and they’re visually appealing.

But if you want to save on window installation, consider classic windows. Usually, these will cost you between $175 and $350.

  • Size of The Window

As a general rule of thumb, if your windows are big, expect to pay a higher installation fee. Also, if you are installing many windows, the cost would be more expensive.

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