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Window Repair 101: Common Home Window Problems and How to Repair Them

One of the most important parts of your home is the window. Windows can help in adding value to your property and improving the aesthetic design. They will also help in lighting your home, maintaining cool temperatures during the summer season. They even protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays.

But, just like any other parts of your home, you will also need to perform a window repair from time to time. Keeping your windows in good shape will beautify and protect your home. It’s also possible to extend their lives by fixing minor window problems before they become more serious.

When you notice rotten wood, mold development, peeling paint, or water stains while you are cleaning, it’s a sign that you need new windows. Window replacement is a huge investment, so before you decide to jump into this idea, consider taking steps to prevent them by knowing the main cause of the problem. In fact, sometimes, a simple window repair would be enough.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will walk you through the various window problems. At the same time, we will include tips that can help you in repairing the issue. By doing a window repair ahead of time, you can rest assured that your windows are in good condition.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Common Window Problems and How to Fix Them

  1. Windows Are Difficult to Open

This actually a common window problem that most homeowners are experiencing. If you found yourself in this kind of situation, there are some things that are not functioning correctly. One of the easiest ways that you can do is to lubricate the hinges. You can also fix the sash.

For sliding windows that open slowly, usually, the real culprit is grime and dirt buildup. So, make sure to clean your windows on a regular basis. For cleaning the window tracks you can put baking soda on the affected parts. Then scrub it thoroughly with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

On the other hand, the awning windows or casement should be cleaned as well to remove rust and dirt. The cranks of your window need to be cleaned and lubricated removing the crank’s arm.

Also, if your windows have wooden frames, remember that they may bend over time. However, if this issue persists, we highly recommend that you change your wooden frames with vinyl ones.

  1. Broken Window Glass Panes

For this problem, getting rid of the broken glasses is the first thing that you need to do. For safety precautions, you should wear a pair of gloves and even goggles or any eyewear.

Make sure to remove all the damaged glasses. Be sure to take your time, or else, you’ll end up hurting yourself. Keep in mind that you are dealing with shattered glasses.

Once you have removed everything, get the existing putty out of your frame. You may need to use a chisel and a heat gun. Then place a thin layer of new putty around the frame about 1/16-inch. After that, install the new windows, make sure to firmly press down. On every side place the glazier’s points in order to secure it. Also, don’t forget to add 4-inch apart after around. You can now put the putty around the glass, then smooth it out.

If you want to match the frame of your window, consider painting over it to make it more visually appealing.

  1. Drafty Windows and Condensation

We all know that when moisture starts to build up, it’ll cause a lot of problems such as mold development and peeling paint.

Water drops form layers that will decrease your heating system’s efficiency and make your window foggy. When it comes to fixing condensation, you will need to consider both the outside and inside temperature and even the ventilation. However, if you notice this problem between your double-glazed windows, it’s an obvious indication that the seal needs replacement since it has been damaged.

Further, by improving the circulation of the air you will also lessen the level of moisture that will save from doing a major window repair.

Nevertheless, for this problem, you will need to use ventilation fans and a dehumidifier. But, if the problem continues and you see water drops on the window, it is the right time to install new windows.

To lessen condensation which the main cause of different problems, consider installing windows that are energy-efficient.

  1. Damaged or Broken Screens

Window screens can greatly help in keeping insects, debris, dirt, and other allergens from touching the window panes. That being said, you can open your windows without worrying that something will enter your home while your windows are widely open.

Similar to glass, screens may be replaced or fixed as well. If your window screens are damage seek help from a window repair shop near your house. Also, make sure to keep the old screens so that you will know the right measurement when replacement is necessary. Nevertheless, if the screen damage is still in good condition you can reuse and fit it with a new screen mesh.

  1. Rotten Window Sills

Whether the window sill has already rotted or starting to rot, you need to replace it immediately to prevent the decay from spreading.

When doing this window repair, cut the sill back to the sound wood, for the replacement piece, you can use the cut part as your template. Slightly cut the patch, be sure it’s bigger than the rotten section you removed. Cut the drip groove using a router. Last but not least, screw the patch and plane it smoothly. Make sure to countersink the screws so that they don’t get in the pane’s way.

  1. Clouding Between Panes

Fogging that occurs between the sealing in IG units cannot be wiped off. As a matt of fact, it could be a noticeable indication of seal failure.

When this happens, a sash replacement may help in fixing the problem by maintaining the frame. This will save you a considerable amount of time and money.

  1. Leaking Water

Windows need to resist tear and wear that will greatly reduce their efficiency. However, if the windows are exposed to water, they’ll age and rust more rapidly.

If you notice leaking water around your windows, usually it’s because of faulty flashing. Improper flashing is in charge of seeping water inside your home, down on the flooring, and behind the windows. Surely, you’ll agree when we say that it’s an annoying scenario. Nevertheless, this issue can be temporarily fixed with caulking. But before it becomes more serious, we highly recommend that you hire a professional.

Advantages of Hiring A Professional Window Repair Contractor

While some window problems, especially the minor ones can be repaired on your own, it’s best that you hire a pro when dealing with major problems.

If the planes, glass, or frames of your windows are damaged or broken, it means you will need to buy a new one. After you purchase the new materials you’ll need to install them. However, installing windows is not easy and it’ll require you to use specialized tools. Keep in mind that if the windows or frames are not properly installed instead of giving benefits, your new window will offer headaches. To prevent this from happening, you should consider hiring a professional window repair contractor. In fact, such contractors are experts with window repairs and they have all the necessary tools to perform the job properly.

Hiring a professional, on the other hand, is more cost-effective than hiring people you know. Usually, window repair companies have a skilled and experienced team which is compensated by the company. Meaning to say, you don’t need to worry about making individual salary to every worker.

Another benefit of hiring such pros is that all you need to do is book any of their services. As a matter of fact, this will offer you a lot of benefits. Take note, if you do not hire a professional service provider you will take care of everything which is not a practical idea especially if you’re doing a lot of errands.

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Windows are considered one of the weakest points in homes. That being said, make sure to keep them in good shape to guarantee the safety and the energy efficiency of your home.

If you notice that there is something wrong with your windows make sure to fix it right away. But if you’re not confident enough to fix it on your own then seek help from Local Services Helpline. It’s a website that can help you in finding the best and most reliable window repair contractors and companies.

The good thing about Local Services Helpline is that they only recommend service providers that are skilled, knowledgeable, licensed, insured, and have years of experience. With that said, you can expect professional results. What’s more, they have all the tools and equipment necessary for repairing windows.

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